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Problems and Solutions

Exchanger for Domestic Hot Water

Ekin Industrial has entered sector of heat plate exchangers in Turkey, with its customer focused and dynamic Vision. Now Ekin has expanded into new and upcoming investments.

"Can not produce enough or no water! "

  • Make sure that connections of the heat exchanger is true.
  • Make sure that hot water or steam from boiler is being sent to heat exchanger
  • It could be air tightness because of hot water side works in a closed circuit, make sure that there is running air-venting system on the highest point.
  • Turn off the other valves on the collector, if hot water line is being fed from collector. Then canalise directly the hot water to heat exchanger.
  • If you have 3-way or 3-way proportional valve on the heat exchangers hot water supply line, make sure that valves are directly canalised from hot water to heat exchanger.
  • Make sure the pumps are working and supplying enough flow rate.
  • Do not forget hot water will arrive late for systems that have no recirculation line.
  • Make sure to use check valve for avoiding repulse on main water connection at the recirculation line systems.
  • At accumulation tank systems, make sure that there is a circulation line in operation between tank and heat exchanger.

"Heat exchanger leaking out water"

  • Control the tighteening measure of the dimension between two outer bodies of the heat exchanger. If it is more than desciribed at front sticker, set it back to original length.

"Heat exchanger is not working as performed as first day"

  • Calcium deposit may have occured blokage in time due to excessive lime waters at heat exchanger. Heat exchanger must be dissembled and blockage must be removed .
  • Due to the contamination , heat exchanger installation may have been collected and blokaged caused by dirt. Heat exchanger must be dissembled and must be cleaned.
  • Strainer in piping system may be clogged. Make sure the strainer is clean.
  • Make sure that there is no change on capacity of pomps.

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