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General Information

Deposit Formation

Deposit formation is directly related to the amount of pollution inside the fluid which is passed through the heat exchanger. To give an example of this pollution and ways of formation;

The dust which been in the surrounding air that used at the open cooling tower systems is drawn by the force of the cooling tower fan to cooled water and This powder dissolves in water and sent to installation. Deposit formation begin in the heating installations over years, despite boiler and plumbing lines work of a closed system. Broken particles from line pipe is the reason of this deposit formation. In fact it could be solid particles which fleeing to system during revisions. The most effective solution way to deposit formation is completely disassembling plates of heat exchanger and cleaning with special chemicals separately.


Problems may be occur at heat exchanger as a resault of deposit formation is:

  • Excessive pressure loss at system
  • Reduction on heat transfer
  • Narrowing of the flow channels


An expert service team of Ekin Endüstriyel provides your heat exchanger first day performance wheter in place or a fully equipped service area of Ekin Endüstriyel with lime solvent solutions for your calcification problems.

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